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Have you been turned down by the bank? Lenders not willing to budge? Plagued by bad credit? Don’t worry! We don’t care! We will fund you regardless of your current hardships! Need a loan extremely fast and can’t afford to wait out the extended period of time that traditional lenders take? Talk to us NOW! Need a speedy loan for a flip, rehab or auction? Call us NOW at (480) 744-6386 to get started immediately, or click here to contact us directly.

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Finding Arizona Hard Money Lenders

Hard money lenders are not hard to find as the term might suggest. However, getting a loan from them is a little different than the conventional bank loaning methods. Though, finding Arizona hard money lenders is easy, this article will help you with tips on finding the right one, tips for getting hard loan...

Hard Money Lenders in Arizona - What You Must Know Before Approaching Them!

There are many situations where traditional lending sources don’t really work and that’s when you check for Hard Money Lenders in Arizona, or elsewhere. Basically, traditional lenders only lend according to theory, or in other words, a perfect world. But, are we always in a perfect world? Not really! When in a perfect world,...

Scottsdale Hard Money

It’s no surprise with the recent uptick in real estate activity around the nation, and particularly Arizona in general has resulted in a spike of potential buyers and investors looking for Scottsdale hard money lenders.  Housing prices are rising across the nation (Zillow chart), and investors and buyers are trying to capitalize. Conventional lending can be...

Hard Money Helps All

Recently I noticed some chatter going on our Facebook page about members conversing how hard money had helped them in some way, shape or form.  What two of the members chatting also mentioned which I thought was very interesting, was the fact that they both had found out about hard money via Facebook and...

My wife and I used Hard Money Arizona and their team. We were really impressed with how prompt the staff was. The communication was great and they were always available to answer the many questions we had. They got us into the house of our dreams. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for Arizona hard money lenders! Thanks for the great service!

-Jonathan and Amanda G.
Phoenix, AZ

Throughout the loan process, from the initial interview to close of escrow, Michael from HardMoneyArizona.net provided us with superb customer service experience. He was honest, knowledgeable and helpful. Available to answer any questions, and provide guidance and support whenever needed. I would recommend his services without hesitation. Thanks for all your help, looking forward to working with you again!

-Maribel T
Phoenix, AZ